Bird Toys

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Mar 292011

Birds need toys just as any other pet does. Toys keep the occupied, keep them from getting bored, and can even help them get exercise. In fact, without toys birds can have behavioral problems, including picking their feathers. However, even though they need toys, they don’t need every possible toy that’s out there. Fortunately, there are lots to choose from.


Bird toys come in several materials. Many toys are made with natural materials such as rope, wood, and leather. Other toys are made of metal or plastic. It’s not difficult to find bird toys; however, you have to be careful to find good quality toys.

When going for metal toys, be sure to look for stainless steel that doesn’t contain zinc. Plastic toys are OK for some birds, they can be easily shattered by birds was strong beaks such as parrots or macaws.

Brainy Bird Building Flocks Toy

Types of toys

The range of toy designs is immense. Everything from bells, to building blocks, is available – oftentimes in bright, primary colors. Some are made for specific bird species, others are general for any type of pet bird. Some toys hang from your bird’s cage, while other toys are a complete activity center.

While there are huge number of commercial toys, some birds are very destructive. On the one hand, it’s better that they destroy the toy than their cage or their feathers. On the other hand, it to get quite expensive when your bird shreds a fancy toy. Therefore, you need to pay particular attention and make sure that a toy you are considering is sturdy. Alternatively, you can make bird toys out of cheap materials, as detailed below.

Homemade Toys

You can make your own bird toys out of things you have around the house. However, you will still need to assure that the toy is safe. For instance, empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls make great toys, and your bird won’t be harmed when shredding them. In fact, a great toy for your birds could be stringing several of these cardboard tubes together.

Just as many birds, particularly parrots, are like children, they may enjoy brightly colored children’s toys. As long as the toy is tough, made it will be difficult for your parrot to break, they may enjoy it very much. For instance, the children’s toys that look like brightly colored keys on a string, or ring are likely to be enjoyed by your bird.

Birds also like other cheap items such as ping pong balls, basic toothbrushes, or real keys strung on a leather cord.

Wesco Pet Original Bird Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy

Introducing New Toys

Many birds are apprehensive of new toys, while others take to the readily. If you have a bird who doesn’t like new toys, or who doesn’t readily take to new toys, there are some things you can do to get them to accept the new toy.

First, you want too get your bird used to seeing the toy. For couple of days put the new toy outside of the cage where your bird can see it. After a couple of days, put the toy inside the cage, but lay it flat on the bottom of the cage. Hopefully, your bird will start to play with it while it is on the floor of his cage. At that point you know he likes it, and you can hang it up inside the cage.

So, whether you choose to purchase a toy for your bird, or make one out of items you may have around your house it’s straightforward to find a toy that your bird will like. And, not only will your bird enjoy his new plaything, you will enjoy watching your bird play.

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