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Rabbits are interesting creatures, and if you want to bring one into your home as a pet, you will need to know some things about them. If you have children, then you want them to be part of helping care for the new pet rabbit as well. Here are some bunny facts for kids to get them started.

Rabbits’ Teeth

  1. A rabbit has sharp front teeth that don’t stop growing. To stop their teeth from growing too long for them to be able to eat, they need to chew on things to wear them down.
  2. Rabbits love to chew and they will need to be given lots of things they are allowed to chew on. Otherwise, they may decide to chew on your furniture or shoes. Luckily, there are lots of things that rabbits can chew on, like special rabbit toys, hay, and chew sticks.
  3. Rabbits will eat a lots of different foods to stay healthy.
  4. They need lots of hay and raw veggies such as celery and cabbage.
  5. Sometimes, you can give them treats of carrots and apples.

Kinds of Rabbits

  1. There are about 50 kinds of rabbits and they come in many different colors. Some have short fur and others have long fur.
  2. The smallest rabbit is called the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit. These rabbits weigh about 2 pounds.
  3. The biggest rabbit is called a Flemish Giant Rabbit. They can weigh over 22 pounds! That’s as heavy as a one year old child.
  4. The rabbit with the longest ears is called a Lop Rabbit and their ears can sometimes grow to over 2 feet long! Instead of standing up like other rabbits, Lop’s ears flop down to the floor.
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Baby Rabbits

  1. A baby rabbit usually has 3 to 7 sisters and brothers in one litter. Their moms can have babies 3 times a year, so that’s a lot of brothers and sisters!
  2. Baby rabbits, when first born, weigh about as much as 10 quarters, or 2 ounces. They have their eyes closed and they don’t have any fur.
  3. A rabbit’s fur will start to grow in when they are 4 days old and they will open their eyes when they are 10 days old. They can then leave their mother when they are about 3 weeks old.

Rabbit Noises

  1. Rabbits don’t make a lot of noise, but sometimes when they are happy them may make a humming noise or your will hear them grinding their teeth.
  2. If they are angry, they may growl, or even bite.
  3. If a rabbit likes you, they may rub their chin on your hand. They also will do this to their cage and toys. This leaves a special smell behind that humans can’t smell. But, other rabbits can and this tells other rabbits that “This is mine”.
  4. When rabbits are scared, they will stomp their back feet to warn other rabbits that there may be danger.
  5. Sometimes you will see a rabbit kick their legs or jump up when they are happy.
  6. When a rabbit is curious, he will stand on his back feet and sniff the air to see what is going on.

Rabbits At Play

  1. Rabbits sleep much of the day, but when they are awake, they like to play.
  2. They like simple toys, such as cardboard boxes or empty paper towel rolls. They also like to dig in shredded paper or hay.
  3. Because rabbits’ teeth keep growing, they like to chew on wood or cardboard to file them down.
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Healthy Rabbits

  1. Rabbits should have smooth, soft fur and like being petted and picked up.
  2. His eyes will be bright and his nose and mouth, his ears, and his bottom will be clean.
  3. A healthy rabbit will also like to come out and say hi, and won’t want to hide in a corner.
  4. If your rabbit doesn’t feel good, he will probably be very quiet and may crawl into a corner to hide.
  5. Rabbits need to visit the vet just like dogs and cats. And, they should ride in a carrier just like a cat.
  6. The vet will give your rabbit vaccinations so he doesn’t get sick. The vet will also check out his teeth and ears, and see how much he weighs. They will check out his heart and breathing and check him over to make sure he looks healthy.

Clean Rabbits

  1. A rabbit can be given a bath just like a cat or dog.
  2. Rabbits also like being combed or brushed. If you have a long haired rabbit, you will need to brush him every day to keep his fur from getting tangled.
  3. You will need to change your rabbit’s dirty litter every day. Once a week the whole cage should be changed and completely fresh bedding put inside.

Other Rabbit Facts

  1. A rabbit can’t walk or run, but they can hop very well. In fact, their legs are so strong, they can hop as fast as 20 miles per hour.
  2. A rabbit can learn to recognize their name and a few other words.
  3. Some smart rabbits learn to open the doors to their cages, so you may need to watch out!
  4. Rabbits can also be taught to use a litter box, like a cat.
  5. Rabbits can live indoors or outdoors. Even if you rabbit lives indoors, he will like to be out in the grass sometimes. A special rabbit fence will keep him safe outside while still letting him play.
  6. Female rabbits are called does and male rabbits called bucks – just like deer. Also, baby rabbits are called a kit or kitten like cats. But, most people just called a baby rabbit a bunny.

The above facts about rabbits for kids are only some of the things to know about rabbits. If you are interested in getting a rabbit, and have more questions, you could ask a vet or someone at a pet store if they can tell you more.

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  1. I love bunnys and bunny facts!!!

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  4. I love Rabbits!! 🙂 They are my 1st Favorite animal. When I grow up i want to be a vetanarian… a rabbit vetanarian :)!!

  5. Great Facts! This helped me a lot thanks!

  6. i love all animals i have a bunny named daisy a hampster named buster and a dog named jellybean.when im older i’m going to be a vetanarian.i’m 10 years old now. I’m looking foward to going to saw high school i love animals. there so adorable,cuddlie,and lovable.one day i’m also looking foward to going to the SPCA.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love bunny so much. They are my favorite animal. They are so cute. They have a fluffy tail and are cuddly.

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  16. i love bunny so mush I wish I can have one

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  20. i have a bunny called monty he is half rex and lop I want to be a vet when I grow up.

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