Nov 112011

Thinking about and buying gifts for loved ones is a big part of Christmas nowadays. For many families this year it won’t just be the people of the house that are looking forward to gifts on the morning of the 25th, but also the pets. So, here are a few ideas to get you started on what to buy for your friends in the animal kingdom.

  • If there’s one thing that pets probably love above all else, it’s food, and food in the form of a treat is no exception, which I why this one is top of the list. Exactly what food will of course depend on the particular pet that you have, but most owners will know what theirs favourites, and if not now’s a good time to find out!
  • Another obvious choice for dogs is of course a brand spanking new chew toy. The selection to choose from these days is huge, not even starting on the varieties available online, so it shouldn’t be hard to find something that fits. There are squeaky toys, toys that are good for their teeth and plain old plush characters to name but a few.
Holiday Cat Toy Filled Christmas Tree

  • For households that only have one pet, and also have the time, attention and affection spare for another animal, then a companion for your current pet is a fantastic Christmas gift. Before making a decision like this however, it’s important to think very hard about whether you have the resources to give a new pet the care it needs To quote the old advert, a dog is for life not just for Christmas!
  • For our four-legged friends more specifically, i.e. cats and dogs, pet houses are a good gift idea. Wooden dog kennels for dogs in warmer climes or for the summer months, or a cat cabin complete with a log cabin exterior and cat flap at the front. Easy to install and long-lasting, pet houses are a different way to treat your pet.
  • Many companies now offer the novel idea of Christmas stockings filled with gifts specifically for certain pets. A dog-centred one for example might have inside it a chew bone, a squeaky toy and some food treats, whilst one aimed at cats could contain a scratching post, catnip and ball of string. They’re an easy way to treat your pet over the Christmas period, and won’t cost the earth either.
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