About Me

My niece and me
Me and my niece, Samantha.

My name is Cathy and I have a huge soft spot for pets. Which is really the reason why my husband, John, and I now live in a 650 sq foot apartment with 3 cats. (Not the apartment size, the cats.)

Our first cat, Midnight, entered our life for my 30th birthday. We rescued her as an adult cat from our local humane society. We talked about getting another cat, but we opted not to. Then, we moved into the apartment we are now in. While the apartment isn’t big, the yard that comes with the house is huge. And, the neighborhood has lots of cats. There was a stray cat wandering around that both John and I mistook for Midnight. We saw her off and on over the next several weeks. We noticed that she had gotten into some kind of scrape, because she had a wound on her leg.

One day, I was doing yard work and I saw her. I meowed out to her and she came out of the bushes and started rubbing against me. I petted her and she followed me around as I did yard work. She even buried herself in the bushes by our fence to meow at us when we left the yard to head for the car.

I just couldn’t let her stay out there, so I begged John to bring her in as a second cat. It didn’t take a lot to convince him. So, Licorice became cat #2.

We were sure that 2 cats were it. We aren’t opposed to more cats, but our place is very small. So, when a stray cat ended up wandering into the basement (I must have left the door ajar when I was taking out the lawn mower), we didn’t want to keep him. He was originally going to be my mother-in-law’s cat, but they were scared of each other and it didn’t work out. So…Storm came into our life.

Now, we know that 3 cats is enough. I’m very careful about shutting the basement door behind me when I go to do yard work, and I try not to be too friendly to the neighborhood cats. I don’t want my ol’ soft heart to lead us to take in another one!

Obviously, I have a love for cats. I also love dogs, but John and I will forgo having a dog until we get a house of our own. In the meantime, I can visit my parents’ dog, Robbie.

I started this site because of this love of pets. Over the years, I’ve owned cats, dogs, mice, and gerbils. I even “snake-sat” for a couple of months, but those stories won’t be on this site. 🙂 I’ve also recently become a vegan; just because we don’t have cows (or chickens, or pigs, or turkeys) as pets doesn’t mean they aren’t worth caring about.

I hope you enjoy the information I’ve written here. Where possible, I’ve written from my perspective. I’ve also invited some others, experts in their own right, to provide guest posts.

If you have any questions, or stories you would like to share, please feel free to drop me a note at: cathy@furredandfeatheredpets.com