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Why buy heated instead of regular?

There are several reasons why you should consider a heated cat bed. First, cats generally love to sleep where it is warm. Many cats will curl up in a window when the sun is out. Others will curl up on or next to a radiator (if your home has one, that is). Some cats even like crawling under the covers on the bed. This is partly for hiding, but it also makes them warmer than sleeping on top of the covers.

Second, if your cat is older and has arthritis, a warmer bed can help them feel better and move easier. Warm muscles and joints are more flexible and comfortable. That applies to cats as well as to humans.

Third, a heated bed will provide a warm spot for your cat if he feels too cold in the room. A non heated cat bed will provide your pet a way to curl up and conserve body heat. On the other hand, a heated cat bed will make it more likely they will choose the bed over your laundry or favorite blanket.

K&H 3193 Thermo-Kitty Indoor Heated Cat Bed, Sage

How is the heat provided?

Many heated cat beds plug into the wall, much like a heating pad. They usually have a dual temperature gauge that allows you to heat the bed to 10-15 degrees warmer than the rest of the room. Others have a thermostat that keeps the bed at room temperature and heats up when the cat climbs inside, therefore only heating when needed.

Other heated beds for your cat work by reflecting body heat. This come as a mat, rather than a cup shaped bed, but cats love them all the same. They are large enough for a cat to curl up on and the reflected heat means they should be more attractive than your favorite blanket. This means the cat hair stays on their bed, not yours, at least to some extent.

Finally, as detailed below, you can convert a regular cat bed or perch into a heated one by using the reflective mat or a pet heating pad.

Petmate Indoor Pet Heating Pad Element 9-by-9-Inch

Can a normal bed be converted to a heated bed?

If your pet has a bed that they adore, you don’t have to purchase them a new bed just to get heat. Specialized heating pads are available that will allow you to convert a non heated bed into a heated one. Some of these plug into the wall, while others are designed to reflect your pet’s body heat and therefore don’t require any power.

An additional advantage to purchasing a heating pad over a specialized heated bed, is that you can convert other types of pet bed. For instance, a perch on a piece of cat furniture or a perch mounted to a window can become heated by the simple addition of a heating pad.

You will want a heating pad designed for pets because they use less power, and they are also designed for long term use. A heating pad designed for a human is not designed to be used while asleep, because it gets too hot. On the other hand, the point of a heating pad for pets is for them to sleep on it! So, these pads are designed differently than the ones for humans.

With the range of sizes and options available, a heated cat bed is a great treat for your cat that can still fit into your life and home.

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  1. What is the average price of the heated cat baskets and where could you buy one

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