Nov 052011

Before writing this I thought to myself: “Why would you even consider buying pet houses for your dogs”? I’ve got two dogs of my own and could not stand the thought of not having them lying next to me on the couch. I asked some people and did some research that I would like to share.

The first thing that is of huge importance when deciding upon keeping your dog outside is the sort of area/climate you live in. Obviously you would not want to keep your dog outside when the city you live in is known for its low temperatures, even not in a pet house. So let’s say that you live some place warm, Auckland – New Zealand? Temperatures do not get below 15 degrees and summers are not too hot, on average 27 degrees. Would it still be ok to put your dog in a pet house?

Next to the area, keeping your dog outside might also be highly dependent on is the kind of dog you have. Rottweiler’s and German Shepherds are for example known to be one of the top breeds for life outdoors. So is it ok to keep a dog outside if you 1. Live in a relatively warm area and 2. If your dog loves the outdoors?

Pet HouseMany people would still say no, but others that I have asked said yes, as long as the dog has shelter, water and food. Another dog owner said that it is ok if the dog is used to living outside because the dog does not know any better. Hmm…

According to current studies in dog psychology there is a big misconception about keeping dogs outside and thinking that they are happy. These studies have shown that dogs have more behavioural problems due to a lack of in-house training and a weak bond between the dog and its owner(s). Moreover, dogs are pack animals that love to be social. Therefore it might not be a good idea to keep your dog outside because you are limiting the amount of human companionship.

I am still not sure whether I am for it or against it, but if you are thinking of keeping your dog outside, here are a couple of suggestions when buying a pet house.

  1. Make sure that the pet house is big enough for your dog to fit in. But keep in mind that the house should not be too large because your dog’s body heat will get lost.
  2. If you live in a warm area make sure to place your pet house in the shade. This may sound very obvious but you’d be surprised how many pet houses are placed in an open spot.
  3. Also ensure that your pet house has the right insulation material.
  4. Finally, have bedding in the pet house for your dog to lay on. This will protect your dog’s joints from the hard surface.
This is a guest post from who specialize in outdoor buildings of all kinds from sheds to pet houses.

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