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Using a crate or kennel can make training a puppy an enjoyable, stress-free experience for both you and your new companion. A crate is great for potty training, instilling a sense of independence, and providing a necessary safe haven when direct supervision isn’t possible. No puppy is too young to begin crate training, but it must be done in a carefully researched and positive manner – you can’t rush progress!

Training a puppy requires supplies, of course. Puppies grow fast, and it is recommended that you start with a crate model that has adjustable walls. There should be just enough room for Fido to sit, lay down, and turn around – any extra space just invites bad potty behavior.

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs

Leaving a young pup alone in a crate is not a very good idea for the first few weeks. But you can definitely begin building a positive relationship between your canine and his brand new bedroom with a little positive reinforcement puppy training. If your pet is old enough for treats and toys, you can use his favorites to lure him into the cage and reward him with love, play, or praise for successful attempts. Every impression is critical – a single bad experience can make your puppy fear the crate for months to come.

Get your hands on a positive resource on clicker training for dogs – a clicker is a great way to communicate with your pup to teach commands like “go in” or “bedtime”.

It’s important to remember that young puppies have almost no capacity for bladder control and must be taken outside on a careful potty schedule. Your pup may need to go every thirty minutes for the first few weeks, and generally won’t be able to hold it for an hour until two months of age. You can expect half a year before you can reduce breaks to four or five times a day.

Training a puppy to sleep through the night or potty at the appropriate time used to be difficult and unpleasant – but crate training makes it headache free and supremely positive!

This is a guest post by HalleBalleDog, a couple and their dog who share what they’ve learned about dogs and dog training. As they say about themselves:

We’re life partners, designers & entrepreneurs that are dedicated to the well being of our beautiful Weimaraner – Halle! We’re all about caring for your dog the natural way. When it comes to pet training, we’re all about balancing positive reinforcement with the right dose of discipline.

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