May 292012

I would like to introduce you to my dog Mathilde. She is very unique as she loves to wear pearls and now has her very own pearl necklace collar. Mathilde is ten years old but I have only had her myself for three years. We met at the Dogs Trust where she had been brought in after she had been neglected and mistreated at her previous home. Mathilde had been a resident of the Dog’s Trust home for quite a few months before we met, as she was an older girl and always seemed to be overlooked.

pug dogHowever, when we first met I knew she was the one for me. We have been inseparable ever since and spend every waking minute together. I like to spoil her rotten as she hadn’t had a very happy life before she met me so I like to try to make up for it as best as I can, hence the pearl collar.

In relation to how special she is, she is also a very fussy eater and therefore when it comes to worming time you can be sure she makes me work hard to think up inventive ways to ensure she will ingest the tablet. Whilst asking her vet for advice on this, he recommended Drontal Plus, as many dogs seem to find it more palatable compared to other brands on the market. When he told me it also provides the best protection against the various species of tape and round worms I was completely sold, as I only want the best for my most precious pooch.

Drontal Plus

As she is so fussy, finding a suitable food that she will eat has also been a major chore. I was recommended Burns dog food by a friend of mine whose dog has skin allergies and found that this food helped clear up the skin problems quickly – this is because it contains no wheat, dairy or gluten, which commonly causes digestive problems in dogs that often lead to rashes and skin irritations. The food also contains no artificial preservatives or additives and is highly palatable due to the fresh ingredients used. Mathilde absolutely loves this food and eats every last morsel. She receives a mixture of both dry and wet foods and I frequently change the flavours to give her a variety, as there are many flavours to choose from. I highly recommend this food to every dog owner as it is also very ethical for they do not conduct animal testing like many other big brands do – and Burns is therefore also included in the Ethical Shopping Guide and is a supporter of Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), working to improve the welfare of farm animals.

Burns Dog FoodI like to buy my dog food from online pet shops due to the convenience it offers. It also allows me to be aware of new flavours and products as soon as they become available. My best advice is to experiment and find products that best suit you and your dog, though I also find that recommendations are a very good starting point.

This is a guest post by Rebecca Hannant. She loves animals and adopted Mathilde 3 years ago. Since then they became best friends and Mathilde gets the best treats.

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