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When it comes to our pets, people generally love to have them looking good (as I write I think of my own little hound’s oldest collar, with its “diamonds” barely on anymore – definitely time for an upgrade!) The other reason for personalized dog collars is a more practical purpose, and definitely adds to peace of mind, is a way of having an ID that cannot be torn off too easily. This is especially important if you dog is the kind that like Houdini reincarnated.

You will have the choice, with personalized dog collars and leashes, of them being made of leather or synthetic materials. It really depends how “loud” you want to go and on your budget. For a timeless look: an engraved plate riveted onto a quality leather collar will do the job perfectly. However, for someone who’s dog spends as much time as possible in the water, a synthetic personalized collar, or even a reflective collar, will be more suitable. A reflective collar is also a good idea if you go walking at night. A tip: if you do want a leather collar embossing is probably a better idea than with laser engraving, as the latter can fade, defying its original purpose!

Personalized Pet Collar - Small, Medium or Large - You Design it!

To really make a statement, a synthetic personalized collar may be better. Fortunately, these are very budget friendly. They come in all the colors of the rainbow and more; the choices available really are huge. For a young pup, buy one that will grow with him. Look for a sliding adjustable version, then have your details embroidered on it so they won’t fall off or fade as he gets older.

On the other hand, if you own a teeny weeny tea cup breed, personalized dog collars for smaller dogs are widely available, meaning we don’t need to use a cat collar anymore!

If you own a bigger dog, perhaps you would a personalized collar and leash set, instead of just a collar. These are suitable for German Shepherd training, and other strong breeds. Make the investment in quality fittings; after all a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the last thing you want is a clip breaking when you’re out in public!

Some of the best accessories I have bought have been from stopping other owners and asking where they got theirs – most people are very happy to talk to fellow dog lovers. This way you can compare companies and prices but still have first-hand knowledge of how they look and how well they last. And – your pooch will be as “flash as a rat with a gold tooth” in no time!

This is a guest post by Wynne. She has always lived with animals and says of herself:

So I can “read” most animals and have always take for granted what all these animals taught me growing up.

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