Nov 122011

Recently, my brother got a puppy.  He’s always been a dog kind of guy, but hasn’t had time for a puppy until recently.  He lives by a dog park and every day he’d come home and see all the dogs out playing, so he finally decided it was time.  He found an adorable little black lab, and named him Duke.  He is definitely a cute little guy for sure.  Duke loves the dog park and everyone at the dog park loves him.  All the women there flock to the adorable little puppy and with all the attention Duke gets, my brother is right there with him.

I thought one of the perfect puppy gifts for Duke would be one of the available personalized pet tags for dogs.

Personalized Pet Tags For Dogs
Be a “chick magnet” and get your pooch
personalized pet tags for dogs

My brother loves Duke and would definitely be devastated if he were ever lost.  I knew I wanted all of my brother’s information but I also wanted something a little extra for Duke.  I found the perfect tag for him!  It says, “Chick Magnet” with a picture of a magnet and a little chick and has all of my brother’s contact information on the back of it.  My brother loved it and so does Duke.

Dog id tags are very important.  Statistics show that 16% of all lost dogs never return home because they don’t have id tags on them.  If a neighbor or passerby finds your dog, the only way they are going to know whose dog it is for sure is by the id tag they wear on their collar.  60% of all dogs that make it to animal shelters don’t have id tags and were once someone’s pet and unfortunately these dogs are humanely euthanized.  Pet id tags are essential for your pet’s safety!  Sometimes dogs get lost, it’s nobody’s fault, but make sure your dog will return home with their new id tag.

This is a guest post from BowWowzerZ, two friends who understand how important it is to give your dog(s) (and cats!) a way to get home. They are proud supporters of animal rescue and all of their pets are rescues.

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